Helicopter Pilot Careers


Once you have received your Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence (CPL(H)), we make sure you have the support and contacts you need to begin a successful career as a helicopter pilot. As a result, many of our former students are now enjoying successful and rewarding careers in the aviation industry.

In New Zealand, there is diverse range of career opportunities for qualified helicopter pilots, including:

  • Scenic joyflights / tourism industry
  • Aerial photography and filming
  • Flight Instruction
  • Corporate flights / general charter service
  • Agricultural crop spraying and livestock herding
  • Powerline surveys
  • Aerial Utility Work 
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Police Air Work
  • Aerial fire-fighting
  • Wild Animal Recovery
  • Media, news and traffic reporting
  • Offshore (oil industry) services